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Newspaper Advertising

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Classified Ads

Classified advertisements are small insertions, usually near the back of a newspaper. These are typically charged per word, and are a great place for businesses to advertise. Some of the headings or categories for these ads include public appointments, situations vacant, situations wanted, matrimonial, educational, rental, business, property, court and company notices, tender notices, public notices, and auction notices.

Display Ads

These types of ads are usually between one eighth and a full page. They are highly visual, which helps draw the reader to the message. Everyday products can be advertised through these ads such as cosmetics, kitchenware, electronics, sanitary products, domestic items, and more. The reason these ads are also known as “box ads” is because they usually occupy a square or rectangular space in a newspaper. The larger the box, the more expensive the ad.

Insert Advertisements

Insert ads are full-page ads posted in a newspaper, usually in the form of a small pamphlet or card. The rate of the ad is based on circulation and production costs on the flyer. Since insert ads stand alone, they can be pulled out of the newspaper and kept on-hand for the reader.

Business Card Ads

Business cards can also be used to display your ad in newspapers. They are generally located near the Classified section, but can be placed anywhere in the paper. Business card ads are designed to introduce or help end users remember the company and their contact information. Using flexible and creative designs, images, and text, you can make a business card ad that stands out from the page and makes an impact.

Sale Ads

Announcing a store or department-wide sale is an effective way to draw in your customers. You can use a sale ad in a newspaper to make this announcement, so readers in your region will have more incentive to visit your store. You can offer discounts on specific products or the entire store. Sale ads are one of the biggest traffic-drivers among advertising options, and they can help you clear out cold stock and generate more cash flow.


Coupons are one of the most effective types of ads because they draw new customers to your online or physical store. By providing your customers with information about an offer, they are more likely to consider your products and make a purchase or purchase more items than they normally would by simply walking into your store. Coupon ads are also simple to measure how effective your marketing campaign is because the customer needs to redeem the coupon to receive the offer.

Spotlight Ads

Spotlight ads target a specific product, collection, employee, or customer of your business. They are usually large ads that serve the purpose of endorsing your brand or highlighting an important person or product that solved a problem or achieved something great. Through this format, the reader is drawn in on an emotional level and can make a connection with your message.


Flyers or frills are the glossy or colourful ads that are placed inside newspapers. They are usually a bit smaller than the newspaper size, and are used by grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, and more. They provide images of current sale or discounted products that the store is offering, and encourage the readers to visit the store before a specific deadline when the sale will end.


Another type of newspaper ad is a folding. It is a smaller, separated printed sheet that is placed on the left side of the newspaper. Businesses can print their ad on one or both sides of the folding. Foldings are effective because it captures the reader’s attention, as it gets in the way of their reading the newspaper. This short break the reader takes allows you to interrupt and present your message to them.

Informational Ads

Informational ads are printed in editorial style, like an article, but there is usually a disclaimer above the post that notifies the reader. These ads perform very well for businesses because they can also be posted online, driving even more traffic to your web site or store.


Disclosures are the legal notices that are placed in or near the classified section of a newspaper. They contain important information that needs to be made public knowledge. This information can include notices to debtors, name changes, and more.